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Thema: L / R output channels

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Fragezeichen L / R output channels 15.11.2009 02:48 Forum: General Questions


First off, many thanks for creating such a useful, sophisticated tool! I'm very impressed, and grateful smile

I have a question about output channels.

I've started using SDFX after becoming fed up with placing individual samples on the timeline in Cubase. I'm currently just starting out with it and tweaking settings, comparing how my current samples sound with what SDFX is producing. It's almost perfect, except that the original samples sound more stereo, like they have more 'space' than SDFX's output.

In the manual, the Signal Path shows final output to "Mix L / R" , "Snare L / R" etc. However, when I look in my Mixer in Cubase, I only see tracks marked "Out Mix L", "Out Snare L" etc. But then again, these are appearing as stereo channels. But on the other hand, my samples played through SDFX still sound a bit mono, less 'full'...

So I guess my question is, is there a setting I have to change somewhere to see and hear the R output channels from SDFX in my Mixer?

Thanks again!

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