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Geschrieben von luu am 27.12.2011 um 00:36:

The samples

Hi. I have a question. Are the samples used in SDFX compressed? If I use them through SDXF or another plugin, should I apply a compressor? And last question, did you decide to abandon the development of this great plugin? If so, why? Thanks

Geschrieben von Eisi am 28.12.2011 um 15:56:

Hi, luu

the samples of SDFX are compressed. But you still can use a compressor on it. If it sounds good, just do it.

Because of two growing kids I have little time for further development of SDFX.

But i didn't abandon it for now.


Geschrieben von luu am 22.01.2012 um 01:32:

Thank you for your answer. With regard to your kids and lack of time, I understand. I haven't got my own kids yet but I can at least partially imagine how life can change when you become responsible for someone else. Anyway, thanks for the plugin and hope that you will get back to its development some day. Cheers

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