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Geschrieben von Eisi am 30.06.2009 um 22:35:

smile New Versions 1.4 of SDFX and SDFX-Dry available

Hello SDFX fans

New versions of the SDFX are available:


- New "Pads"-slot has been integrated
=> The "Pads"-slot gives 14 different "clickdynamic" pads available. (see manual)

- Each drum slot has a "clickdynamic" pad (slot picture). It is used for drum-sound rehearsal. (see manual)

- In the "HH Open"-slot, the "Mix Level HH Close"-controller is integrated. With him the mixing ratio between "HH Close"-slot and "HH Open"-slot is adjustable

- Downgraded SDFX (excluding "FX"-slot) is also available in version 1.4 (SuperDrumFX-Dry v1.4)

- The user manual is revised for version 1.4 and now includes detailed installation instructions

- An english version 1.4 of the user manual is also available

Bugs Fixed:

- The "panning errors" in the "Cymbal 1"-slot, which is occurred only in conjunction with the "FX"-slot (Kick), has been solved (thanks to the user @Martin6)

Have fun

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