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Geschrieben von Eisi am 24.02.2008 um 16:33:

smile SuperDrumFX is online !

Hello dear e-drummer

After a long development period, the SuperDrumFX is now online. I am very pleased to finally provide webspace for SDFX.

Thanks to the drummerforum community for their support of my previous work.

Worthy of note are the drummerforum members @xtj7, @trommeltotti and @tonsel, for their good advice and critical tests wich gets the development of SDFX forward.

I invite all current and future users of SuperDrumFX to work actively at this forum for example: to help beginners, or to give their own programs or samples to other users of SDFX available.

I want to establish a spanish web and support area. For this I still need moderators with english and/or epanish skills. Who is iterested can contact me at

Your Eisi

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