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Geschrieben von eric71 am 17.09.2008 um 10:42:

Alternate toms

I have done the best I can with Google Translate and the German manual, but I have been unable to gain a full understanding about how the alternate toms work. I suspect the idea is that they are mixed with their respective tom on an alternating basis to create variation in the sound. I am not sure if this is correct. Could you explain the idea behind how the toms and their alternate toms are working in Superdrumfx? In case it matters, I am using general midi drum parts generated by Band In A Box and imported into Reaper, and not using edrums.

I would also like to comment what a great piece of software this is. So far beyond any other drum sampler available for free.


Geschrieben von Eisi am 23.09.2008 um 23:05:

Hi eric71,

Sorry for this delayed answer.

Yes, you are right. The alternate toms are mixed to the respective tom sound.This is generating sound variations on every hit on a tom. But I discovered an error in the delivered preset drum sets. The alternate tom sounds are not played if the respective volume level has a negative value (like in the presets). Rise the volume levels to values between 0.100 and 0.200 (or higher) for a correct working of the alternate tom sounds.

I will fix this in my next program update (v1.4). Also I will deliver an english manual and some new features like virtual,"velocity sensitive" pads to trigger the respective sounds per mouse click. Also there will be an new drumslot named "Pads" wich will provide this virtual drum pads to control all the drumset and to give a visual feedback to the drummer.


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